Oil Coolers

TitanX’s stainless steel coolant to oil heat exchangers are a result of decades of research & development in tandem with market leaders in commercial vehicle manufacturers like Volvo, Scania & Daimler. Characterized by superior quality and high performance, our oil coolers come in an optimal geometric size which allows us to facilitate highly durable and cost-efficient system solutions.

At TitanX, we work together with our customers to tackle emission and efficiency challenges from legislators and customers globally resulting in lesser fuel consumption and an improved total cost of ownership.

Our Product Range of Steel Vacuum Brazed Plate Coolers:

Engine Oil Coolers

At TitanX, we have been designing the Engine Build in Oil Coolers for decades. We use a technology based on stainless steel plate coolers. A Single Flow Integrated oil cooler is embedded into the engine block to get an optimal vehicle cooling system solution. Also, an alternative to this is having an oil filter module where the oil cooler is mounted into the filter module. Our Twin Flow Integrated cooler also has the capability of serving as an engine oil cooler. These Stainless steel oil coolers bring an excellent durability level to our premium heavy truck customers and a highly appreciated reliability to their customers.

Retarder Oil Coolers

Retarder Oil Coolers

Retarder applications are some of the most demanding applications for an oil cooler. TitanX’s Twin Flow Integrated Oil Cooler is crafted using stainless steel plates with integrated cooling & oil circuits allowing no by-pass losses in the heat exchange process are especially well suited for these extreme applications.

Stainless Steel Transmission Oil Coolers

Transmission Oil Coolers

Our Stainless Steel Transmission Oil Coolers are built as Single or Twin Flow Integrated stainless steel plate coolers. The coolers are integrated into the engine block via standard or custom-made interface connections. Our product configuration facilitates the integration of both the cooling as well as the oil circuit resulting in no by-pass losses in the heat exchange process.

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