• Q.What is your role with us?

    I am a welder, welding oil coolers and intercoolers. I also support with onboarding new people to the workplace, which in my case is TitanX in Opole, Poland.

  • Q.Tell us a little about your background.

    My adventure with welding started at the age of 13, remaking motorcycle frames. Early on, I was very much into car modifications, and before I joined TitanX I even attempted to develop my own business with a friend. I joined TitanX as a welder, and I have started to study engineering, co-financed by TitanX.

Titanx Team - Vladyslav welder
  • Q.Where do you see yourself add most value?

    I am a mentor for new people in welding positions at TitanX. I try to pass on my knowledge in aluminum welding, which I have gained during all the years of working with this material. I always do my best to follow our high standards, and encourage others to do so too.

  • Q. What is most attractive with TitanX to you?

    I would say the mutual respect, and an atmosphere of equality. Also, the possibility to develop in various directions.

  • Q. What qualities would you look for in a new colleague eager to join?

    It is hard to define the qualities, because every person is different and you need to be able to bring out the best in everyone. However, for me, the most important thing is qualities such as 1. Helping each other 2. Be honest 3. Admitting a mistake (maybe the hardest topic)

  • Q.And what tip would you give to someone who wants to grow with us?

    Do your best and you will be appreciated

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