Titanx Team - Raúl Quality project/quality customer service engineer
  • Q.What is your role with us?

    I work as Quality project/quality customer service engineer in Saltillo, Mexico

  • Q.Tell us a little about your background

    I started my journey with TitanX in Quality at the 16mm condensers line and a few months later, I worked with a customer project launch. At the beginning, I was in charge of the tracking of scrap and parts per million (ppms), and supported with measurements of new parts.

  • As I got more experience in our products and processes, I started to work with quality customer service (CLRs), keeping up good relationships with our customers, supporting their needs and providing a quick response, as they need it. For the last 2 years, I have been involved in the tubemill project launch in Saltillo. It has been a true teamwork with full support from my colleagues in both Saltillo and Jamestown in the US. A colleague and I were sent to our sites in Jamestown, US and Mjällby, Sweden to learn about the tubemill process and apply the best practices from both sites to our plant in Saltillo. Right now, I am working with validation plans, significant production run (SPR) related to new projects and a product launch for a new customer.

  • Q.Why did you decide to join us?

    TitanX was a new company in Mexico, with high expectations and providing the opportunity to grow hand in hand with the company. Which I really am.

  • Q.What opportunities does TitanX offer you?

    It offers a lot of professional development with support from very experienced engineers; TitanX gives you the opportunity to take your own decisions and learn from them, and consistently acquire and apply your knowledge in new areas.

Titanx Team - Raúl Quality project/quality customer service engineer
  • Q.Where do you see yourself add most value?

    I maintain the focus of our products and I think I am aligned with the customer’s expectations on us, to provide them with premium products. I respect our agreements and I make my most to honor them. I think I also add value by sharing our customers’ needs and expectations in the company, so we all feel involved with and close to our customers.

  • Q.What qualities would you look for in a new colleague eager to join?

    To be ethical and accountable is key for a team that is growing, and I would add emotional intelligence

  • Q.In addition, what tip would you give to someone who wants to grow with us?

    Work hard, speak up loud and share your ideas!