Titanx Team - Elena commodity buyer
  • Q.What is your role with us?

    I work as a commodity buyer at TitanX in Mjällby. An important part of my role is to define the purchasing strategy of the different commodities and to manage the relationship with the suppliers. It is my job to purchase materials that meet the high requirements and objectives we have in TitanX, in terms of cost, quality, delivery and service. I also conduct comparative purchasing analyses to identify suppliers that are capable of providing TitanX with the best competitive terms of quality, cost and delivery (QCD).

  • Q.Tell us a little about your background

    I have a background as industrial engineer in Mexico, specializing in Manufacturing. During my career, I have mainly worked in the automotive industry in positions such as, material planner, customer service & buyer. A few years back I took the decision to move to the truck industry in a role as senior material planner, and in 2018, I joined TitanX in Mexico as project buyer. An exiting time with all the new projects coming in for the company. With TitanX, I got the opportunity to pursue an international career, and I now work as commodity buyer in Sweden. It was the best decision in my life to join TitanX.

  • Q.Why did you decide to join us?

    I decided to join TitanX, because I was interesting and motivated to learn about the process of the engine coolers and as TitanX was a new company in Mexico at the time, I saw the opportunity to progress in my professional career in an exciting, innovative and challenging company.

  • Q.What opportunities does TitanX offer you?

    TitanX gave me the opportunity to express myself, to be open with my ideas and suggestions to improvements. I feel comfortable here and have a great work environment with a lot of teamwork. I also got the opportunity to grow professionally, and explore other positions abroad. I got the opportunity to work in a global team and explore a new country.

Titanx Team - Elena commodity buyer
  • Q.Where do you see yourself add most value?

    My previous work experience includes innovation in many areas, including strategies for more effective teamwork. At my previous company, I developed strategies for improved teamwork and communication among team members in projects. I feel that here I can contribute not only with my ideas and my previous experiences, but with my great passion for innovation too.

  • Q.What qualities would you look for in a new colleague eager to join?

    Teamwork! This is so important, to identify and solve the problems together! You will never be alone; you will have a strong team to support every idea or suggestion. We look for people who are open to change and can adapt to the quick changes in our industry and who has a lot of positive energy. We are a company constantly looking for innovations and you need to like to challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone to grow.

  • Q.And what tip would you give to someone who wants to grow with us?

    To have an open mind for changes, take the risk to learn outside your comfort zone and to support others and share your knowledge. This will help you to understand each department and have more knowledge of the different processes. At TitanX, you will get the opportunity to work in global, multi-cultural teams. To me, this is very valuable. You can learn about other cultures and customs and have an international career, which I find most exiting.