TitanX Engine Cooling located in Jamestown, NY, a leading multinational engine cooling supplier has an immediate opening for the position listed. This is a unique opportunity to join our organization. We value candidates that are team players and able to work in a fast-paced lean manufacturing environment.

-Key Responsibilities
  • Drives improvement and change by directing efforts implementing the TitanX Production System. Assists in implementation and monitors the effectiveness of TiPS implementation.
  • Fulfills the Roles/Responsibilities of the Salaried HPWO Coordinator/TiPS Manager as defined in the HPWO Guidelines
  • Champions the Kaizen mindset and tools; Kaizen card competition and Kaizen events
  • Leads the takt time/cycle time analysis, SMED/HOSHIN/5S/ Depth Process Analysis/TPM/KanBan System activities, auto quality matrix development and utilization, and Continuous Improvement program.
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