TitanX is a world supplier of medium and heavy duty diesel engine cooling solutions. We serve global commercial vehicle OEM’s from our production facilities in Sweden and the USA. All three of our production facilities have a long tradition of working together and are motivated to maintain our reputation as a market leader in the design and manufacturing of engine cooling solutions. We are broadening our industrial footprint to Brazil and China.


Through our TISIX culture, which is the base for our operations, we Xceed our customers Xpectations by maintaining operational excellence and superior quality. Our operations, which are characterized by technological development and advanced engineering, have positioned us as a preferred heat exchanger supplier for commercial vehicle and off-highway markets. Being committed to rapid technological development and working closely with our key customers helps us support them to meet new demands on reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency.


Commitment to our customers

At TitanX we are committed to expand our global footprint by investing in facilities, state of the art manufacturing and innovative technology while remaining focused on maintaining customer intimacy, product quality and on time delivery.